TV-Show: ARB Fitness & “unterwegs” with Fabienne Bamert

Check out the TV-show ‘unterwegs” on channel Tele 1!

You’ll receive some good tips for your preparation for skiing and snowboarding!

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Interval training for a well defined body – ARB Fitness

The way to a well defined body comes with a hard and short interval training and with no eazy going jogging round.


With an interval training you burn within 15 to 20 minutes the same amount of calories as if you would go jogging for an hour.

The afterburner-effect continues for several hours after the training seesion and you’ll burn more calories.

Do you have any question about the interval training?

Just send me a message; or better sign in for a free tryout tabata session.

Tabata Training: Mondays 6.30-7.15h


Tip of the day – ARB Fitness

Tip of the day:

Is it your goal to lose weight durably? So you have to focus on building muscles.

One kilo muscles burn up to nine times more calories as one kilo fat! 😉

I’m out for a training session!

New Workout-Courses – ARB Fitness

New Workouts are coming soon..Today was my first education day as FunTone coach!

A few days are left!

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Impressions; Outdoor Bootcamp – ARB Fitness

3D X-trem was the focus of our outdoor bootcamp plan today! The titel tells everything 😱👻
Well done guys, I’m proud of your perfomances! 💪🏽